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Frameless Shower Doors Anaheim

If Disneyland was in charge of remodeling your bathroom, do you think they would install a shower curtain rod, or a frameless shower door? That’s right, they would go for broke on the most up-to-date, stylistic, and water-conserving fixture they could find. You’d better believe they’d go for frameless shower doors!

And so should you!

The best part is, you don’t have to go for broke on these amazing additions to your bathroom. So-Cal Showerdoors has a variety of options for frameless shower doors, frameless sliders, seamless shower doors, and tub enclosures, all with the added benefit of offering a 5% savings over any competitors’ pricing. We have been in this business for over 30 years, and we proudly guarantee quality work and friendly service. Before you get started, you can call us and set up a free estimate!

So why not take a walk down your creative side and give us a call today to see what glass shower doors options you can find? We also have a selection of hardware and finishes to choose from, which will make the whole process individualized to your tastes. We also offer Euro sliders as well.

Some of the most common complaints of homeowners who still use those pesky old curtain rods are:

  • They fall down… all the time
  • They chip tiles or tubs when they fall… and sometimes your head!
  • The ends of the rod stain and scratch the walls
  • Once they fall, it’s like they never stay up properly again
  • Those curtains don’t keep the water in the shower and off the bathroom floor!
  • They collect mildew easily and stink.
Well, make like Disney and plus your bathroom to a modern, sleek style with a frameless shower door or tub enclosure today! Not only will you never have to pick up after a fallen, messy curtain rod again, but you will have a beautiful new addition to your bathroom!


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