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Euro Slider Shower Doors Orange County

Euro Slider shower doors are the fairly new item in the industry. Because the in they are so new, it is hard to find someone who knows how to install them and also have the ability to answer all of the important questions that pertain to them. So-Cal Shower doors are an expert in Euro Sliders and can answer all of your questions. These beautiful high end units give your bathroom an elegant appeal with their frameless sleek look. Euro Doors have large precision wheels that glide beautifully on a round rod at the top. Typically, if one or two panels are 90 degrees, it is considered stationary and the other door slides. Proper configuration is very important to insure there are no leaks. This is where experience is crucial. There is a Euro double –slide that is available which has to be planned for because there is two round rods that go across the top, which you will need to consider approximately 7’ to go under to get in. The benefit of this model is that both slide like a normal tub enclosure so you have easy access to valves. To answer all of your Euro Slider questions, please call So-Cal Shower doors at (909)231-1375 or email us at