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Framed Shower Door Units Orange County

Once upon a time, framed units were your only choice for a shower door purchase. Today there is a wide range of choices in styles which is great for you and the customer. Framed units are only approximately 20% of the market today. They are still the most water tight application for a shower. In rare situations, they are the only applications available. Framed units have gone away for several reasons. They have too much aluminum to clean and they are hard to get to the seams. The appearance between a framed unit and a frameless unit can be compared to the differences between a Honda Civic and a Rolls Royce.
However, framed units are good for rental units such as facilities like fitness centers. In other words, places that the shower is used often. Nowadays, it is hard to find a company that knows how to install a framed unit. They will want to push you into a frameless unit. At So-Cal Shower Doors, we have the experience and skills in ALL types of shower doors. We will guide you and help you for what is best in your situation. Call us at (909)231-1375 or email us at