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Frameless Shower Doors Orange County

Frameless shower door units in the Orange County area have been a hot item in the shower door industry for the last 20 years. It is becoming more popular day by day. These elegant enclosures display a high-end look. With their sleek design and thick exposed glass edges, they give your bathroom the feel as if you were staying at the Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. All of the hardware on frameless units such as the hinges, handles, clamps etc comes in a wide array of finishes. This is only the case on frameless units. You as the consumer, have to be careful of the terminology of what is a frameless unit. A lot of companies sell these units with aluminum U- channels to hold up the stationary panel which is fine, but it is now a semi-frameless unit, rather than a frameless unit. Frameless units are just that “no frames” panels that are held up with clamps or the tile/marble is slotted for panels to go into. Because frameless units are so popular, there are a lot of companies and installers just in it for the money. Their experience and skills just is not there. There are very few shower door specialists in the industry and I would like to assure you that So-Cal Shower door is one of them. I have been working with shower doors every day for the last 30 years. I can re assure you that you can trust us, as far as doing a perfect job. You are in good hands with So-Cal Shower doors. Call us at (909)231-1375 or email us at