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Frameless Shower Doors Glendale

You just waited in line for an hour at Porto’s Bakery for some potato balls and a pastry. Before that, you walked around the Americana for 3 hours, hopped on and off the trolley, and enjoyed some time in the sun at the park while watching a live musical performance. You are tired and ready to go home, take a nice, long shower, then head to bed. Work is no longer on the agenda for your day or the rest of your weekend.

When you get home, however, you find that there might be a little road bump in that carefree agenda - your dog found his way into your bathroom and took it upon himself to have a face-to-face with that colorful shower curtain, dangling there from the fragile curtain rod. You find the aftermath of what might have been a hectic struggle: pieces of fabric and cheap plastic line the floor of your bathroom. The rod chipped the side of your tub. The first thing that probably pops into your head is not, “Why did I get a dog?” It’s probably more along the lines of, “Why don’t I get a frameless shower door?”

And we don’t blame you!

So-Cal Showerdoors has been in the business of helping people rid themselves of the burden of owing a shower curtain or creaky hinged shower door, and replacing them with beautiful frameless shower doors, frameless sliders, seamless shower doors, glass shower doors, and tub enclosures. Sorry to ruin the dog’s fun, but these frameless shower doors add so much to the overall look and feel of your bathroom, not to mention they prevent any further mishaps like the one with Fido!

We proudly offer our over 30 years of experience to our friends in Glendale, and will give you a free estimate, as well as the chance to save 5% of whatever price our competitors might give you.

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