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Frameless Shower Doors Irvine

Frameless shower doors are growing in popularity for many reasons. Aside from having to deal with pesky shower curtain rods that fall down and scuff the shower walls, people grow tired of mildew-collecting curtains that slip out of place and lead to mini-inundations on the floor of their bathrooms. Also, there really isn’t any other way to say it - Frameless shower doors look amazing! They are also highly functional and complement the shower experience.

People who own frameless sliders do not run into these issues. Neither do folks with seamless shower doors that keep the water and heat in. Glass shower doors are much easier to maintain clean, and they are much more pleasant on the eyes.

For customers with tubs, we also offer tub enclosures to help keep the water in and add to the aesthetic beauty of the bathroom as well. Our tub and shower enclosures offer our Irvine customers the ability to choose from a selection of hardware and finishes, which makes bathroom customization fun and easy to match up to your interior design preferences. The process of choosing how things will look is sometimes as rewarding as seeing the final results!

So-Cal Showerdoors proudly serves our customers in Irvine with our years of professional experience in installing glass shower doors with frameless and seamless options. We not only offer a free estimate, but we will beat out any competitor price by 5%. If you live in Irvine and you are seriously interested in pursuing a dream of having a modern, sleek bathroom look with the installation of frameless shower doors, or any other glass shower door, then give us a call today!

We stand behind our service and the quality of the frameless shower doors we install, and we will be more than happy to help you get started today.

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