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Frameless Shower Doors Pasadena

You and the family just strolled up and down Old Town Pasadena for the evening. The kids had some ice cream, the parents enjoyed some sushi and sake, and you all had a run around the turtle pond at CalTech. Another family evening complete, and now you’re all back home and ready to freshen up and relax before bedtime. The kids get to use the shower first, since they are closest to their bedtime. When you go in to take your shower, you discover a not so pleasant surprise.

The shower curtain rod has fallen on the floor, knocking over the trash can on its way, leaving a wet mess of garbage and half eaten candy on the ground. So much for taking the time to relax this evening!

Well, guess what? This no longer has to be the case!

The friendly and professional staff at So-Cal Showerdoors has over 30 years experience helping people resolve this very problem, and their answer is - frameless shower doors!

Frameless shower doors provide an incomparable advantage over those old faulty curtain rods. Well, not just one advantage, but many, the best of which are that you never have to clean up those kinds of messes again, and your bathroom will radiate with a new sense of modernity and beauty. What better way to get rid of a problem than that?

So-Cal Showerdoors offers frameless shower doors, frameless sliders, seamless shower doors, glass shower doors, tub enclosures, and Euro sliders. We also have a selection of hardware and fixtures to choose from in order to customize the look of your new upgrade! This is the kind of upgrade that puts you in charge of many details as to how the final product will look, and you will not be disappointed!

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