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Semi Frameless Shower Doors Orange County

So-Cal Shower Doors in Orange County offers Semi Frameless Shower Door units in ¼ as well as 3/8 thick glass. Why you ask would you want a semi-frameless unit? There are several reasons. One reason being that ¼ version is cheaper in cost compared to a 3/8 unit. They are a little more water tight as well, because your are adding frames where gaps would be on a frameless units. All in all, they are a nice alternative if a frameless unit is not in your budget. ¼ semi-frameless units have all surrounding metal, including a top support metal header to hold it all together. 3/8 semi-frameless units can be done several different ways. One way is with no header. This is an option either way. You can have vertical metal along with the hinges or no metal with the hinges. The panels will always have a full length U-channel at the bottom, and up the walls. So, there you are. These are the ins and outs of semi-frameless units. Call So-Cal Shower doors for your semi-frameless purchase at (909)231-1375 or email us at