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Shower Door Installation Orange County

Installing shower doors is a job that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you as a homeowner, try to install your own shower door, that could end up being a very bad experience. One mistake that is very common, is measuring incorrectly. Accurate measurements are a must as well as knowing how to measure. As far as installing your unit properly, this takes years of experience knowing where to start, as well knowing where to finish. The chances of glass breakage are high for an unexperienced installer. Of course, sealing the unit is an art form of its own, as well as keeping it from leaking. There is a large variety of shower door styles that range from frameless, to semi frameless, sliders to framed units. Each one of these are installed differently and they can come in array of configurations. So as you can see, if you do not want ongoing problems and do not want to end up with a poorly installed unit, than there’s only one choice and that choice is So-Cal shower doors. At So-Cal Shower doors, we have more than 30 years of experience specializing in custom shower doors. Allow one of our professional technicians to take care of your shower door needs. Call us at (909)231-1375 or email us at for your free estimate.