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Splash Guards and Partitions Orange County

Frameless splash guards are very popular in Europe and are now becoming more popular in Orange County, CA. Frameless splash guards are offered with a stationary panel and a small door or just a stationary panel. These units take a professional person with a lot of experience to determine the appropriate size of your splash guard. Keep in mind; you will have a sizeable bare opening where water can splash out. So the object is to minimize that as much as possible, and keep the size of the splash guard not too large so it does not require a brace. Partitions are typically framed or semi frameless units that are mostly designed for commercial locations such as fitness centers that have multi shower units right next to one another. This process again, requires a company with experience to provide the proper advice. At So-Cal Shower Doors, we have many partitions and splash guard installations over my 30 years in the industry. So you can count on SO-Cal shower doors to take care of your splashguard or partition needs. Call us at (909)231-1375 or email us at