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Frameless Shower Doors West Covina

Friends in West Covina: Have you ever used a shower door that opened inward? If not, this is a description of what happens:

You either have to turn the water on before you go in and let it warm up first, which means when you open it to go in, you will likely splash water off the door and all over the floor of the bathroom. Otherwise, you have to go inside, curdle yourself in the corner, against the cold wall of the shower, turn the handle on, and pray to the shower gods that the cold water comes out everywhere but on you, which almost never happens. Then, when you finally make your decision, you push the door open and it falls off the frame, crashing onto the ground (hopefully not your foot!), and the shower plan is a failure.

So, the result is an unpleasant shower experience! What’s a solid solution to that? A frameless shower door!

Depending on the type of shower or tub you own, these shower enclosures can be frameless shower doors, frameless sliders, seamless shower doors, glass shower doors, or tub enclosures. We also offer Euro sliders.

So-Cal Showerdoors has been in the business of helping people in West Covina and beyond avoid the stresses of owning and maintaining traditionally framed shower doors or shower curtains by installing beautiful, modern, frameless shower enclosures to their bathrooms. We also offer a selection of hardware and fixtures for our customers to choose from in order to design and pick out the perfect match for their bathroom.

We have over 30 years of experience under our belts in helping people own these elegant glass shower doors into their homes. Call today to schedule a free consultation and estimate, and start the process of owning one of these finely crafted frameless shower doors.

As an added bonus, we will beat any competitor’s price by 5%!

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